Paul Coudsi

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Bio extraite du catalogue d'Ars Electronica 1988

Since 1977 work in cinema and video industry.

Paul Coudsi was scene painter for the full length film "Un amour d'emmerdeuse" by Alain Vandercoucal (1978). He also was animation checker for the film "Le chaînon manquant" (The missing link) by Picha (1979 -1980).

From 1983 till 1986 Paul Coudsi has been artistic director in the VA.L. company.

Principal works:

  • 1981-82 "Nuit", short film using live action mixed with cartoon animation.
  • 1983-84 "Tintin à Montpellier"; video cartoon made with a Graph 8 (Xcom) paint system.
  • 1986 "Flip-Flap à Palavas" ; project of a TV serial using diffèrent kinds of technics.
  • 1987 "Portraits" , two animated portraits made with pastels, gouaches and piper culs.
  • 1988 "Le stylo"

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