Sub Oceanic Shuttle

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Un ride dynamique de 4 mn en 870 mm réalisé en 1992 par Ex Machina pour Iwerks.


ExMachina has presented the first European simulation film intended for an international network of Dynamic Theaters (Simulation Theaters) : "SUB OCEANIC SHUTTLE".

Thanks to a large projection format, animated seats and dolby stereo, the viewer becom es the real hero of this frantic obstacle course. Will he come out of it unscathed ? ... In four minutes entirely produced in Computer Graphics, director Jerzy Kular and scenarist Jean-Frangois Henry lead us into the most astonishing and mysterious underwater universe.

All challenges have been faced head on: make various organic and mineral elements disturbingly credible, develop all realistic effects required to plunge the viewer into the very heart of the image (bubble effects, enigmatic propagation of light, sparkling of deep water, effects of hyperspeed ...), animate voracious fish and giant octopus with gaping mouths that affirm the threat of their mere presence. Images pass by at a breathtaking speed with majestic scenery hailing from the deepest depths.

The projection format (70mm, 8 perfs, 30 frames per second) has required considerable image manipulation with specially configured workstations and calculators (with a resolution of up to 3000 points).

Texte de présentation pour Ars Electronica 1992

Fiche technique

Premier ride entièrement en images de synthèse en 3D



  • IAAPA, most innovative attraction
  • Imagina 1992, 1er Prix Pixel-INA simulation visualisation
  • Ars Electronica 1992, Honorary mention, catégorie Computer animation

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